I’m Catherine Grace Thomson, a qualified photographer and retoucher who has worked in the photography industry since 2015. I work in many fields of photography divided into 4 main sectors in no particular order.

The first being travel and landscape photography where my passion began. Secondly our style based photography, done mostly at our studio which includes product, headshots, lifestyle, beauty and food photography. Thirdly moments our event, family and special occasion photography. Last but certainly not least our pet portrait photography studio. Why not see more for yourself?

Find out more about my adventures on my blog or browse through our fine art photography prints.


I love the power of photoshop and the ability to take an image to next level, highlighting your subject and captivating your audience. I’ve been working as a retoucher since 2016, with clients across the world, retouching products, beauty, fashion and so much more.


Oh I do wonder what stories these places would tell if these mountains, trees, creatures or walls could talk. Many adventures each tell a story, so much beauty in the world each place and space with its own story to tell, my story and yours. Browse through our shop, read our stories and see what story these images tell you.