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Hi. I am Catherine Grace.  I am a story teller.

My characters are real, my scripts are images. Not that I don’t enjoy writing with words. I love words. They matter. They are the very heart of what’s human, our unquenchable need to communicate. Without it we are solitary, isolated, unfulfilled beings. Our stories help me to know you and you to know me. And that’s why I love working with images. Telling a story in just one frame; that’s what excites me, drives me, compels me.

I fell inlove with photography at the age of 13 on a trip to Australia, which explains my love for travel photography but through creating C Grace Photography and Retouching I aim to meet your imagery requirements all the way through capturing the image to final product after post also catering for all kinds of photography from events to, fine art prints to hang on your wall and even including in studio portraits and product shots.

About me personally?  Ah! How to contain all that encompasses me, human, woman, spirit, soul, mind, body in a few lines? I’ll tell you my story by showing you my world.

These images:  This is what I am about. It’s all here. The mountains under whose shadows I have grown, the sea that embraces this peninsula I call home. The trails I walk and hike and run. The waves I surf. It’s all there my frailty and my strength, my joy and my struggle, my fears, my happiness, my people.

This is my story. Through it I hope you’ll learn something of me. Perhaps on the way you’ll see something of you and together we will have found some connection. Welcome to my world.

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