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Hey there,

I’m Catherine Grace, and I proudly wear the hat of a storyteller. But here’s the thing—I tell stories without using words. Don’t get me wrong, I adore words and their immense power. They are the essence of our humanity, enabling us to connect and understand one another. Without communication, we’d be lost, living in isolation. That’s precisely why I’m drawn to working with images. In a single frame, I can weave a tale that excites, drives, and compels.

Photography swept me off my feet at the tender age of 13, during a life-changing trip to Australia. Since then, my love affair with travel photography has blossomed. Through C Grace Photography and Retouching, my ultimate aim is to fulfill your visual needs. From capturing the perfect shot to fine-tuning it in post-production, I’ve got you covered. Our four main pillars—Travel, Style, Moments, and Pets—are the cornerstones of our photography services. And if you need retouching work, we’re more than happy to assist clients across the globe.

But let’s get personal, shall we? Those images you see—they define me. They encompass the majestic mountains that have nurtured me, the embrace of the sea surrounding my beloved hometown. They portray the trails I’ve walked, hiked, and run, as well as the waves I’ve fearlessly surfed. They encapsulate my vulnerability and strength, my joys and struggles, my deepest fears, and overwhelming happiness. And of course, they reflect the people who have shaped my world.

Meeting new people is an absolute joy for me. I have an innate ability to see the best in others. And through my photography, I strive to empower, uplift, and celebrate the unique essence of every individual I capture. I want them to feel truly seen and celebrated.

So, here’s my story—a journey that I hope will offer you a glimpse into who I am. Along the way, I hope you discover something within yourself, and together, we can forge a genuine connection. Welcome to my world.

Our Home Studio

This is our Headshot and Pet Portrait set up. We have both white and black studio backdrops and can hire an assortment of more colours upon request and a separate fully equipped product photography studio. We can also bring our set up to you, we often do this for corporate headshots.

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