5 Free Activities to do on your Birthday in Cape Town for the Adventure Lover

Well since everybody insta bio identities themselves as an adventure lover and traveller these days. I thought you’d all want to know about this. Don’t worry, I fall partly into the adventure lover/ travel lover category myself. I am a travel blogger after all. This wonderfully unplanned blog, however, came about spontaneously in the month… Continue reading 5 Free Activities to do on your Birthday in Cape Town for the Adventure Lover

Product Photography

Here at C Grace Photography we have our own home equipped studio, where we shoot products. We are especially passionate about helping local, budding entrepreneurs have quality content for their online stores. We’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to get into contact. We are so grateful for each and every client, we… Continue reading Product Photography

How to make the most of a short, local vacation

There is something special about going camping, something that separates it from any other kind of holiday. I love traveling and enjoy all types of holidays, from city breaks to the fun of a theme park, and the old world of the Mediterranean. These holidays generally take some long-term planning and, on arriving it can… Continue reading How to make the most of a short, local vacation


We all have those moments. Times when the daily wear and tear of mundane chores, deadlines, and the relentless pace of every day everything leaves us needing to take a breath, but even the air seems stale. That’s when I know I need a break, take some time out. Time for a getaway. One of… Continue reading Hermanus


Capturing the essence of each moment, thank you for sharing your special day with us. From the Kitchen Tea to ‘I do’. Celebrating Engagements Matric Dance maternity shoot From Baby Shower to Baby’s First Shoot Special Birthdays Opening Nights Celebrating Corporate Landmarks Stay in touch with our latest posts on instagram.


Here you will find some samples product retouching work for one of our lovely clients who so kindly gave me permission to share, we are so grateful for every client. Many projects I work on I do not own the permission to share and out of respect for my clients. However contact us to enquire… Continue reading Product

Open Streets

Hiking trails, wine tastings, endless beaches…These are just some of the treasures that define Cape Townmy city nestled in a bay at the southern tip of Africa.To really want to know a city you must walk her streets.Stroll through Cape Town’s streets with me.Taste and see and smell andfeel her rainbow tapestry.Walk her streets, feel… Continue reading Open Streets

Beauty, Fashion and Hair

This is a range of beauty, fashion and hair retouching, please browse at your leisure. These images are available for me share thanks to one of my clients whom has granted me the permission to do so, however many jobs I do not contain the rights to share, so please feel free to contact us… Continue reading Beauty, Fashion and Hair