An army of Women

You’ll be surprised at the stories you hear when you sit and ask a woman to share hers and attentively listen, the magnitude of the weight she carries with the appearance of ease and grace. Our lives are formed by Woman who have supported us, shaped us, carried us and formed us into who we… Continue reading An army of Women


Capturing the essence of each moment, thank you for sharing your special day with us. From the Kitchen Tea to ‘I do’. Matric Dance From Baby Shower to Baby’s First Shoot Those special days we will never forget Corporate Landmarks

Open Streets

Hiking trails, wine tastings, endless beaches…These are just some of the treasures that define Cape Townmy city nestled in a bay at the southern tip of Africa.To really want to know a city you must walk her streets.Stroll through Cape Town’s streets with me.Taste and see and smell andfeel her rainbow tapestry.Walk her streets, feel… Continue reading Open Streets


Besides photography I am also a trained and experienced retoucher. I have worked on a wide variety of retouching categories, the selections found here are just a few of many area’s of retouching I work in if you like to enquire more please visit my contact page. These are composition pieces my client asked me… Continue reading Posters