You have it in you

No matter what life throws at you I know you have the ability to make it through Through thick and thin Your worries big or small Channel that strength I know you’ll stand tall There’s nothing ordinary about you Not at all You are completely unique From the foot print you leave  To the pattern… Continue reading You have it in you

Reminisce of Lockdown

Tick tock… tick tock… time passes, pain seeps in, everything changes… but I still remain in one place as my mind races, one thing is consistent the clock doesn’t stop more time passes, more and more loss got to keep busy or I’ll get lost I scratch to the ground to feel something solid  as… Continue reading Reminisce of Lockdown

On my Bipolar

It doesn’t rain it storms There’s pitter-patter of rain before the fall There’s no partly cloudy, there’s no glimpse of the sun Because when it rains it pours When the sun comes up there’s no chance of rain, There’s no cool breeze, There’s only warmth, There is only light, There is only vibrant colours to… Continue reading On my Bipolar

Self-love it starts within

Now is a great time to start loving yourself, Trusting yourself and Believing in yourself  Not when you have all the things your heart desires or reached all the dreams you’ve aspired for. No now, right now As you are Where you are  ,because you’ll always want more…  Always strive for more  That’s living! but… Continue reading Self-love it starts within

The Moon

When all that seems to be consistent is change  When you have no idea what tomorrow will bring but judging from the past it’s more likely to be frightening In moments like these,  I like to look above  to the moon in the sky  the one companion that’s never left my side It doesn’t matter… Continue reading The Moon

Look Beyond

Everything ends… Sometimes slowly, quietly, slipping away.Sometimes a fire breaks out, sudden, unexpected. Flames glow and grow, burn and consume, greedily devouring.And after….Looking down onEmbers and ashes,The lingering smell of smoldering dead things.You can lose yourself in the memory of dead things,The things you thought, you hoped would last… Gone now, like vapour.Or you can… Continue reading Look Beyond