Reset, The benefits of getting outside.

In this age of every ‘improving’, ever evolving technological advances,

So much of our time, energy, brain power seems to be consumed by media.

It invades our workspace, our play space, our social space.

While connecting me with others, it disconnects me from me.

The consequence is all around us:

Rising levels of unhealthy stress, panic disorders, depression.

And yet, entangled as we have become with its tentacles,

We see no way to liberate ourselves.

After all, time only moves forward, not back.

So, how do I hold onto me in this frenzy?

How do we preserve the essence of us?



A walk on a mountain trail.

The still, solitary, quiet pre dawn.

A slowly sinking sunset.

A swim in the ocean.

A run after rain.

The salt of my sweat.

The acceleration of my heart,

Air in my lungs,

Earth under my feet beneath my feet,

Ocean spray in my face, and eyes and nose.

Snuggling a soft, warm, animal friend.

These things bring me back to me.

Sometimes we just need to press pause.

Close the screen.

And open the door.

Step outside.

There’s much more.



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