Through the looking glass, 4 fun things to do in Level 4

Our whole perspective in life is based on how we see and view what is happening to us and around us. We as South African’s yet again face higher lockdown restriction’s due to the global pandemic, so I thought of listing some fun activities to do during level 4 to have a happier experience and mindset. I have thought of 4 fun, safe activities to keep us happy and healthy during level 4.

  1. Paint at home, for all the creative types, like myself, out there who love Clay Café, you can now purchase your ceramics and paints at your nearest store and paint at home. Perfect idea for a rainy day, find out more at
  2. Go for a walk and a coffee! There are many great spots to grab a take away coffee and go for a walk. Some of my favourites being Groot Constantia, Seapoint Promenade and Muizenberg Beach.
  3. Movie night, with all the rainy weather a movie night is the absolute best. Watch something new or one of your favourite movies, series or documentaries with your favourite food. I know one of mine is homemade nachos and it’s super easy to make.
  4. Last but certainly not least one of my all time favourites, try a yoga class online. If at all possible I’d suggest finding a spot outside, light some incense. This certainly helps me on the days life  seems overwhelming. If you are stuck on a channel to watch I started with and currently use

If you try some of these out let us know how it goes, share your ideas and what worked for you and most of all stay safe and warm. 

-Catherine Grace

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